August 1st, 2012

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"don't forget to pack your wife"

ack, these cats.

felix's tail is broken. he won't let me examine it, and i've let him bite me enough trying, so when doc gets home, we can hold him down and check it out. i wonder how he did it. unless he got slammed in a door without us realizing it. i don't think it's a vet thing, we can splint it. poor kitty. now i know why he's been so whiny, he's in pain.

sai sai curled up on me again today. i pet him until he emitted a low growl, then just sat there with him. he fell asleep. it was so cute.

jack is better. he's been running all over the house playing with freddie all day. he is the first cat to use the new scratchy thing the right way. clever kitty.

lelu has taken to coming out on the porch with me and sitting on her old chair while i smoke. she's so cute. and the heat is good for her joints. we ordered her some cosequin for her joints. it should be here in a couple of days. hopefully that will help with her paws.

the "w" button is not working right on this, i have to press it multiple times to get it to work. very annoying.