July 30th, 2012

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maybe rain

half the sky is stripey clouds with the sunset, the other half of the sky is black. maybe it will rain. that would be nice.

i asked doc if he was still attracted to me (believe me, the moment was right) and he said yes, when i look healthy and i don't always look healthy. i'm not sure what that meant. he said he didn't tell me or let me know because he didn't want me to feel weird about it. that's cool of him.

sai sai proved last night he's an under the covers cat. he actually tried to burrow beneath my teddy bear until i lifted the blanket. he's so insistent about being fuzzled and loved. and he's letting me touch his tummy when he's standing up. he's got a big bald patch on his back that i'm a little concerned about, but i've had a ragdoll before and when she got stressed, her fur fell out. so i'm thinking it's the stress. i'll let his fur grow in a bit more before i get really worried and take him to see our fabulous vet.

we got nothing done in the unpacking department this weekend. doc was out running errands, we took naps and i'm just lazy. the bathroom is almost unpacked. and distributed throughout both bathrooms and the hall cupboard. only one box left. the kitchen is half unpacked but i haven't put shelf paper up so it's all over the counters. we're a mess. but happy.