July 29th, 2012

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stuff and things

i just made coffee. mmmmm. i feel human again. i guess i could drink decaf. i don't really drink it for the caffeine, more for the taste. i wonder if decaf is cheaper.

my ants:
out in the yard, which you may remember is mostly sand, there is a big ant hole. they don't bother us and we don't bother them. but there are four, two patrol and two couriers, that spend their days on the patio hunting around. the two patrol ants have come to know me and have started crawling on me, letting me put them in my hand and watch them crawl around. it's cool.

the helicopter parade:
we're under the flight routes for planes coming in to the north, and then to the south, veiable from my back yard patio, is the outgoing route for helicopters. so every day there is a parade of helicopters going across the sky, out to the grand canyon. blue and red and grey and black ones.

and that is it for stuff and things. sai sai wants attention now.