July 22nd, 2012

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wow saturday's over already

so i figured out that thing that was bugging me. i realized the piece i thought i was missing just doesn't fit anymore and i needed to figure that out. and figure out how important that piece really was to me and if i could deal without it. it took almost 30 years to figure that out or to get to this point or whatever.

i went to the thrift store today to find it was gone. it had moved. we're going to the new location tomorrow. i was so bummed out. there was a Savers and a Goodwill next door to each other and they were both huge. now both are gone. we found the Savers, but have no idea where the Goodwill went. bummer.
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we found savers!

i got four new skirts. two black ones. one very stevie nicks. and an indian silk wrap around/reversible floor length skirt i am absolutely in love with. it was $9, and worth every penny. and i got a gauzy skirt with a black and flowered pattern on the bottom of it. i've even decided which pair of doc marten's goes with each skirt.

we then came home and doc is napping and i may be soon. i don't know if i'll stay awake or not. it's just kind of a lazy day.
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oh yeah

i gt a new tigger today. he's got rabbit ears on and is holding a basket of eggs. he's the first new stuffed tigger i've gotten in years. and he's in great condition. tags still on and everything.
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roll call

simon: back on solid food, still shy.

leeloo: back on hard food, still losing weight

jack: not one sneeze today, bouncing around the house

freedie: a coupe of sneezes, general bopping around being playful

felix: healthy as an ox, general bouncing around and being cuddly alternately.