July 19th, 2012

2013, cyd, new

my head is empty

i had a fabulous night's sleep last night. went to bed at 12:30, jack let me get to sleep around 1. then i got up at 5 and checked the time and went back to bed until almost 10. and i don't remember any dreams, either. which is joy. i hate most of my dreams. i would rather my subconscious work its shit out by itself. i don't need to be involved.

i'm going through some conflict right now that i don't want to talk about. it has to do with the evil past. and i'm trying to put it out of my mind.

jack is feeling much better. he's got this new thing where he tickles me awake in the morning with his whiskers on my neck and shoulders. purring loudly (and still a bit hoarsely) in my ear. i go into my room, where he is, throughout the day and pet and love and talk to him. i don't want to just go in to sleep and medicate him. meanwhile he likes me again. after being stand offish to me for i don't know how long, he really digs me now because i'm the one taking care of him.

freddie has a cold. not nearly as bad as jack's respiratory infection, she just has the sneezes and she's a little lazy. but she still bops out with me in the morning to play on the patio and eat grass. she's eating and drinking fine. if she gets any worse, it's off to the vet she goes.

leeloo is still off hard food. but she has stopped sneezing and is acting fine, so i'm inclined to think she's just enjoying being spoiled with canned food throughout the day. whatever. anything for my cats.

somehow i got married, managed to avoid having children and became a cat lady. somewhere in there the gypsy said that my husband would leave me, which i guess he's done emotionally to a point. we just find it beneficial to live together and stay married in contract only. i think he was a cat lady in a previous life.

i have to figure out how to get simon and doc to get along. doc wants to love and pet him and make friends with him in the worst way and simon is completely against that. it's time i find the cat treats and send doc in with bribes. once doc moves into his permanent room and takes jack in there, i plan to shut up all rooms except the laundry/cat room and my room, so simon has nowhere to hide anymore and has to get used to being out with us and the other cats.