July 18th, 2012

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that's it

i'm just not meant to be awake during daylight hours. i simply cannot function unless the sun is down. i wonder if this is my photophobia. because this is worse since we've been in the house. and it's MUCH lighter in here than it was in the apartment. even with all the shades closed. i'm okay in the early morning and around sunset and at night, but while the sun is high, like it is now, not even coffee and ephedrine can keep me awake or up and doing stuff.

watch, in an hour and a half i'll come to life and get all manner of stuff done. i have the goal of unpacking the food today. maybe even eating. it's been a couple of days. and i get to vacuum. and the litterboxes need their daily attending to. i just can't drag myself to do it during the day. i'd rather be asleep. not even in bed, anywhere. i'll sleep on the floor with a throw pillow, doesn't matter to me.

yesterday doc stayed home with the intent of helping me unpack the kitchen, we got very little done. and then, when i perked up in the evening, Brooklyn came over for a couple of hours. he pulled up and honked and i told doc i thought it was Brooks, but he said nah. we were out back so we didn't hear the doorbell, but he came around the back of the house. complaining that he didn't have my number on his phone. heh. i never give my number out. i guess i should do that if he's going to come and keep me company in the evenings sometimes.