July 6th, 2012

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drat and bother

doc thinks that mike played me again, just making peace so i'd agree to take care of his cats. and doc is not happy that he spoke to me when he wasn't supposed to.

then, a few minutes ago i asked doc why our bathroom light was on, and he said he didn't turn it on and asked me to check it out, it was mike, using our bathroom. when this whole bloody fight was partly over him not getting his own, which he did. what the fuck?

ugh. this will all be over in a couple of days. but doc is mad at me now. he'll sleep it off, but it's a bummer. he made me cry with his stern looks.
2013, cyd, new

big fat lizard

i've named him lenny. doc named the skinny one leno. so we're not clever all the time.

he's less cross with me. he's very cross with mike. even kelli said it sounded llike he played me again. god, i want too badly to be liked, i am not suspicious enough of people's motives.

i would have taken care of the cats no matter what, he didn't have to play all nicey nicey with me.

so anyway. doc is mastering the timer on the sprinkler system. not many of the sprinklers work, you can tell which ones do by the green patches in the back yard.

felix has a bad case of the sneezes. and last night as we were laying down, he started attacking his nose. it was the weirdest thing. i wonder if he got something up his nostril. the next time he comes by, i'll grab him and look up his nose and see if i can see anything obstructing. oh here he is . . . no, no obstruction. maybe he's allergic to clean.