July 3rd, 2012

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so we're having an informal gathering (or, "witnesses"), on saturday. that's the day mike is supposed to leave, according to the plans he told doc.

i'm so used to worrying about simon, it's hard to relax and just realize he's safe in the laundry room, hiding. i put his ding on him. it matches his eyes. he also has a rabies tag on it, so no one will think he's a stray, should he get out again.

we got really lucky and found dings at the dollar store. and they are safety collars, too. so a really good buy. and i got a new wand toy, because it doesn't seem that they can get enough of them. i may go back and get another for later when this one has lived its life span out.

i get to meet B, our new roommate on thursday or friday. he's going to pastry school, dreamy. he's a vet. even cooler. and he's a nice, polite, guy. he collects 1800s guns, and i can't wait to see it. i really hope he likes the room and doesn't mind sharing a bathroom with me. it would be great if he could move in this weekend, since he's homeless right now and crashing on a friend's floor.

god, what is worse than a homeless vet? he served our fucking country, he deserves much better than that. i won't mind doing his dishes or cleaning the bathroom up after him. i owe him at least that much. and a big hug and a thank you.
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good morning sunshine

i went to bed last night and doc called an hour later to let me know he was on his way home. i just looked at the phone like it was alien technology, i couldn't, in my haze, tell what the phone's noise was trying to tell me. which is weird because i have an annoying ringtone (i can't figure out how to change it, plus it usually gets my attention).

yesterday as i was sitting outside, i saw a lizard on the wall. how cool is that? no pigeons and roaches, lizards and small, tweety birds. i love it here. hard to believe it's three blocks away from where we were.

oh, and last night, i discovered that i can see the Luxor light from my back yard. even cooler.

and sometimes, we're under the flight path into the city, so we get to see planes really low coming into the airport. it isn't very often, but it's cool.

the people behind us shot off fireworks from their back yard last night. late. it was cool. they were silent, but they lit up the near sky with bright shiny colors. the cats were fascinated. which reminds me, i need to remind doc to get fireworks on the way to work today. we have a street to play with them in now, and i plan to take advantage of that.

have a great day. i'm unpacking today and arranging my room. i'm really looking forward to it. we've lived in boxes for too long, i started packing back in february. heh.
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i just went in to the kitchen to start unpacking and got totally overwhelmed. i couldn't do anything, it was horrifying.

i took a xanax and am waiting it to take effect. then i'm going to try again. if it just isn't working, i'll go do the other stuff i was going to do today and ask for doc's help tomorrow while he's off. we have no holiday plans, except to set off fireworks at night, of course.

i've been doing so well, i didn't expect a panic attack at the idea of unpacking the kitchen. yikes.

just breathe. hee. pet a cat. look for simon.

oh, simon will only eat out of his own bowl in my room. it's so cute. i wonder how old he is. i forgot to ask the vet for an estimate.
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mike is such an ignorant fuck

i was sleeping and i woke up to loud voices. mike, with strangers in the house. a big no-no. one of them pointed out i was sleeping and mike said loudly, "there is that."

doc just called about the laundry and i told him and he asked if i was okay, and i told him yes, as long as they stayed in mike's room. he told me to just hang out in the living room, which i plan to do anyway.

i got nothing done today. tomorrow will be different.
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(no subject)

counting down the days
until you will be
out of my life
call me a vegetable
throw my abortions
in my face
you shake like a baby
and whine like one too
not bad for a vegetable?
i told you i would
fuck your life up
and i did, but not
just on my own
with the help of my friend
those things you don't have
counting down the days
until your cat
stops shitting in my room
i can't wait for saturday
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i made something cool!

a long time ago, when i was in my paper making phase, i made a sturdy paper bowl, inverted it and hung hotel keys and bit's of wire wrapped ceramic to it at intervals. i meant it as a wind chime, but never had it in the wind to see if it worked.

we have a bunch of hooks in the ceiling of the porch, so i hung up the wind chimes i made yesterday on a hunch. it looks cool, even if it doesn't sound good.

well, the wind started blowing today and it sounds great. you can definitely tell that it isn't metal chimes by the sound they make. i must make it a point to go out during wind storms and listen to it.