July 1st, 2012

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big fucking sigh of relief

we're in the new house. now that i'm here, i love it. i love everything about it. to the crown moulding in the living/dining room.

so let's catch up. mike and i got into a huge fight that after a couple of days of me needling him, he got physical with me. according to doc's mandate, mike is moving out next weekend. we already have another roommate lined up. mike is a hateful sociopath. well, he can't be both. but he's hateful acting.

i slept in my own bed last night. i'm thinking i'm going to finish some more coffee, sort through my emails, and take a nap. i don't know if i'll go to bed to do it. hee. nice to have the option.

the big tv that mike gave us is dead. i destroyed it rather than give it back to him. and he called me a whore for using it. fuck him up the ass. or rather, with the fake vagina he left behind in his closet. fucking loser.

i thought i would write a ton, but i'm just too wired to concentrate. plus i'm worried because doc for some reason left the front door open last night, and i can't find simon.

oh yeah, simon is ragdoll. he wasn't answering to ragdoll, but answered right away to simon. he's shaved from the shoulders back. if he's run away, he should be easy to spot, but catching him again is going to be hard.

to be fair, there's a hundred million places he could be hiding right now, we'll see him when he's ready. the other cats are just in awe of the new space. they just keep wandering around, looking in cabinets and sniffing everything.
2013, cyd, new

what happened with mike

we came to look at the house and he didn't like his room. doc and i discussed it and he said maybe he'd give mike the master bedroom. i told mike maybe. he took this as a confirmation that he'd get the room. this was a wrong assumption. when doc talked to him about it, he lied, standing right in front of me, and told doc i promised him the room.

he had come home drunk and talked to me about it, and was being all nice for once in two years. again, i told him i saw where he was coming from, but couldn't promise what wasn't mine. again, he took this to mean he could have the room.

so when doc confronted him and he lied, they finally came to an agreement, after i was forced to apologize to mike. as the thing ended, he muttered under his breath, "i should have known i couldn't trust a thing you say," at me. this was the end for me. two years of his nastiness and being nice to him and swallowing his negativity.

i couldn't sleep that night, and almost woke him up at three am to confront him. but i waited until he got up and then went in and flipped out on him. he flipped right back out on me. and doc told us to shut up.

once we got here, to the house, i was overseeing the cable guy, and saw mike and asked him if he was moving out yet. he got nasty back and it was on. big fight later and he got physical with me.

to sum up, doc kicked him out. he has until next sunday to get himself and his shit out of our lives. thank the maker.