June 24th, 2012

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one day down

i keep worrying about ragdoll, forgetting that she is safe and sound in doc's new bathroom. she's terrified, i think i'll bring her a radio today.

it turns out there is no linoleum. it's all tile. what isn't carpeted with the multichocolate spread. spending time there yesterday, i fell in like with it. we fixed locks on barred gates that were broken. or i should say that doc did, i wandered around.

turns out my room is the biggest. doc in the master suite has a bigger closet and a bathroom, but my room is actually bigger. he actually thought about giving the master bedroom to me, ha.

there is no shower in the communal bathroom, so we have to install one and shower curtains today.

i have the name of a new vet to call who works with ferals and strays. and costs less than my current vet. good news.