June 23rd, 2012

2013, cyd, new

tomorrow it begins

doc picks up the moving van at 9:30 and we'll move and pack all day. i'm excited, but i'm sick. i'm sure it's moving stress. i flip out a little to a lot during moves. but i'm doing this one without freaking out, i swear.

i asked M yesterday if he was excited and he was a dick back to me. i told doc that the next time it happens, i'm going to confront him and ask him why he's such a dick all the time. if he doesn't want to move with us, that's fine, we can afford the house without him. especially if i get a part time job. but i'm tired of his hostile silence. i do his fucking dishes and will be cleaning up after him in the bathroom, for chrissakes. i don't need this shit, and neither does doc.

i didn't see ragdoll tonight. last night we spent about a half an hour together on the porch. she showed me her belly and let me pet it. wow. i was amazed. she will need to be shaved, her stomach is one big matted mess. first the catch, then to the vet, then to the groomer's on tuesday. meanwhile, she will be living in the bathroom at the new house. i can walk over during the day next week and unpack whatever we ove tomorrow and spend time with her. or him. i just don't feel right saying "it".