June 21st, 2012

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it has started to sink in. i'm moving back into a house after 12 years in apartments. and for the first time in 20 years i won't be living near a train track, or a truck route or a freeway or a busy road. we will be in the middle of a suburb filled with lovely large trees. we will hear dogs barking instead of traffic noise. i can't even comprehend the quiet.

i will have a big kitchen with lots of counter space, and a gas range. finally, a gas range. and a new fridge. that is going to be delivered today or tomorrow. i'll have a back yard to hang out in.

i'm still not excited about my room. nor do i have any decorating plans. other than futon mattress on the floor in one corner, my hope chest with the tv on it, and my dresser. oh, and in one corner a litter box and another, food and water for the cats. ragdoll doesn't ever have to leave my room.

speaking of ragdoll, things are going really well with us. doc is calling the groomer today to make an appointment. once that is done, i need to call the vet. and then i guess i'll catch her tomorrow evening. i can keep her in my bathroom until saturday, and then either take her to the groomer or the vet in the morning. she's going to have a home!!

and we'll take leeloo into the vet at the same time. she's now favoring both front legs, alternating by day. she's stopped limping, though. i'm thinking she's having joint pain. we'll find out soon enough. she's been my special friend lately. spending a lot of time next to me on the couch.

we've been feeding them grain-free wet food, for their special nightly supper. their collective eating of it has cut in half. once i get a job, we can afford to get them the quality dry food, too. we get the best we can for the money, but know we can do better. since they eat so little wet food, it was easy to make the transition to the more expensive grain-free brand.

oh, i do have one decorating plan, i'm going to mount a carpet covered shelf up at window level in my room and hang a bird feeder in the tree outside of it. most of the reason i picked that room was because there was a big tree outside. the sunlight was coming through the leaves and dappling the room with light. i had to fall in love with it. and whatever the bird feeder brings, it won't be the hated pigeons of here, and the cats will love watching it.