June 18th, 2012

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if we pass the application process, we are getting the house. and if M continues to be a dick at all times, we might even tell him to get out. doc said he wanted to help him move, that he was keeping that in mind with the rental truck (which he reserved today, mircle!), and i said "fuck him". we'll help him move, of course, we're not dicks.

i'm so conflicted. but something is changing inside of me. i've been taking daily showers and i even got rid of my facial hair. i've been brushing my teeth. and i'm motivated.

i don't have to meet with the realtor. whew. doc is taking the application to their office today.

i checked the prices on my meds. i'd better not need bus fare, i need to somehow pay $350 for the meds.

do i dare start thinking how i'm going to arrange my room? no. i'll just think about packing. at this point, we may start moving next weekend. time to stop my side of the procrastination.
2013, cyd, new

we got the house

the rental app was approved and on friday we pick up the keys and sign the lease. we start moving in saturday.

doc stayed home, supposedly to help me pack. but of course he's over at the guys'. i'm going to be the only one living in that house, i swear.

M seems unhappy.

i packed some more of my stuff. it's getting to the point where doc's stuff is in the way of the rest of the things i need to pack.

if he doesn't go pay the hold deposit tomorrow before work, i'm going on with my plan to withdraw bus fare from my account before he can get to it. just in case. there are still some things that depend upon him, he can still fuck it all up. just saying.