June 3rd, 2012

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summer is here

we went out at 6:30 this morning to walmart, before the heat of the day. i spent what i budgeted and got 4 tank tops, 5 tshirts and 2 pair of cargo shorts. plus hair dye (i found a bright orange blonde i fell in love with) and a razor and antiperspirant. oh, and shoe laces and boot laces. i can finally wear my ultra comfy black tennis shoes with the pink stripes again. when i was in the hospital a couple of years ago, they took my laces and lost them. i still didn't find bras. they either had seams on the cup or they were padded. doc said we can try target.

we found a house. now all we have to do is secure it. i really really hope we can. it's in a quiet neighborhood not far from here, on the non-ghetto side of the street. it's big, and it has character. it's not just the same old cookie cutter stucco house that is everywhere. it has desert landscaping, a huge window in the upstairs hallway and a frosted window in the master bath. this is all i could tell from the outside. doc has to get up early monday and call the real estate agent and get the process started.

since we've been here so long, they aren't charging us extra for month to month rent. in fact, she even took the cat payment off for this month. and she was just in here for an inspection and met two of the cats, and our lease only says one cat. she said we've been here so long there was no point gouging us. she is so nice. i'm going to make them cookies before we go. i finally like the people in the office and we're moving. hee.

it felt so good to get out today and get the things i needed and for once, not shop at a thrift store. i have shirts and tanks with no stains or tears or holes or wear. that means a lot to me. doc said i look like a pirate in my black tshirt and black cargo shorts. i'm not sure what that meant, but i took it in good spirit.

i slept through sundown and left the living room light off. the only light is from the tv and the dim light over the stove in the kitchen. oh, and the laptop glow. it's relaxing. i think i'll light some incense.

i got all frustrated last night when i found out i couldn't watch NCIS online. i need to go back to netflix and put it in our queue. then the volume on the laptop was too low to watch the movie i wanted to watch and i didn't want to put headphones on, so i just gave up and took a nap. now i know i need the headphones, doc said it's much louder through them, and will be prepared the next time i decide to watch a movie. i want to find a muppet movie, i can't remember what it was called, it was christmasy. i'll find it.

i hope this house pans out. it would be nice to only have to move up the street and keep my dentist and my never used but oft thought about route directly to the strip. and i get to keep my corner store.

a decision has been made about the scooters. the red one will be sold to our scooter guy, and the blue one will be mine. and i get to take the ridiculous decals off of it and put some of my own on it. now i just need to find a place online that sells stickers and the like and i will punk out my own scooter and it will be mine and i'll learn how to drive it and i will eventually get my motorcycle license so i will be legally able to go above 30 mph on it. it does 50 downhill. the red one is too japanesey. it's got that whole motorcycle aerodynamic thing going on that made it seem too masculine. the blue one is hardly a vespa, but it is less butch than the red one. and the red one is higher up off the ground. i think lower to the ground i'll have better luck riding it. once i get used to it, i have no doubt that i can learn to ride a motorcycle. i'll take classes like doc did, where you take your test at the end of the course with the same bike you've been practicing on.

riding in the suv is cool. it's neat to be so high up off the ground. doc's going to have to get to know a couple of junk dealers to find parts for the silly thing, they don't make them anymore. in fact, the company is gone. so it's up to junkers to get the parts we'll need, like a sun visor. i'm interested in getting the a/c and the stereo fixed. there is a cassette deck in the dash and an 8 CD changer in the back. i i don't want anything souped up, just the speakers that came with the truck to be fixed and the radio made functional. i haven't mentioned it to doc because he has too much on his mind with getting necessary things fixed. there's time. it will be a while before he lets me drive it. the scooter is the priority for me. the next thing for me is figuring out how to get a 44 oz soda home on a scooter. hee.

i got a great picture of ragdoll this morning around dawn. she was lounging in an empty parking space. my cable isn't working right now, so i'll post it tomorrow and you will see she is the most beautiful cat in the world. i hope her bright blue eyes show up. i can't wait until she is clean and dematted and i can cuddle her properly. i'm afraid to pet her too aggressively because i don't want to accidentally snag one of the mattes and hurt her. she drank all of her water today and ate all her food. if i'm still up at 5, i'll feed her again. if not, when i get up.