May 24th, 2012

2013, cyd, new

104 degrees

and what do i do on the hottest day of the year so far? i catch a damn cold. and it took me two miserable nights and a day to find the cold remedy. magic.

we finally have the SUV in our possession. i shouldn't say "we". he has it in his possession. now maybe we can find a house and get out of this dump. he's no longer looking at 40 year old houses in ghetto areas, thank the maker.

the other night i was going to go out and walk up to the corner to get a soda in the middle of the night when i couldn't sleep. i got ready and got to the door, keys in hand, when i got a really bad feeling. so i relocked the door, hung my keys up and went in and made coffee. two hours later i tuned into the local morning news as usual and learned a woman had been stabbed between here and the corner store two hours prior. a random crime in a spree of stabbings in the area that night. when the live feed came on, they were right outside the apartment complex. i told doc as soon as he got up that we have to move NOW.

we're discussing what to do with ragdoll. we may have a place for her to stay for a couple of weeks so we can get her caught and checked by the vet and treated for anything that might be wrong with her. him. whichever. did i ever mention that one day about 7 months ago i was up at the dumpsters and there was a claw sharpening tree. a really nice one. about 6 feet tall, platforms on some of the "branches" and carpeted all over. it was too heavy for me so i didn't drag it down here, plus it was COVERED with ragdoll looking fur, a bit finer than himalayan. so i'm thinking that she was abandoned then somehow and that tree was hers.

i hadn't seen her for a few days so i put less food out yesterday and sure enough, she was out there at 6:30 to get fed. she's started growling while she eats. that's a new thing. but she let me pet and fuzzle her. and i talked to her about our plan to catch her and get her taken care of and adopt her. i told her she would be safe and have friends.