April 21st, 2012

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hot hot hot

the guy called back about the house. four bedroom, two bath. i don't care much because i'm getting the master bedroom with its own bathroom wherever we go. it's within our budget. all we have to do is go look at it. a lot depends on the kitchen. there's no garage, either, which bums me out, i was looking forward to that for storage of our crap. now we'll have to keep the storage locker. i can't wait to go look at it. maybe it's ready now so we can get out of here at the end of this month instead of next. i'm really not looking forward to spending another birthday in this fucking apartment.

i don't think there's the slightest possibility that the truck will get to the mechanic this weekend. more procrastination.

last night dic got home and freaked out on me for all the stuff i packed, insisting that it wasn't the stuff he wanted me to pack. then he ended up throwing the coffee pot at me and hitting me in the shoulder blade and mocking me for fifteen minutes. i really fucking hate him sometimes. i'm still mad at him. but i've been talking to him out of sheer desperation for human contact. i guess all the boxes piled up made things a bit too real for him. and i really don't care, i want this over with.