April 20th, 2012

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we got rain! (from last week)

not a lot, but we got rain for the first time in a month.

i've been watching Top Gear UK for days now. i can't get enough of this show. when i tire of the humor, i concentrate on the car information. i'm not turning into a gear head or anything that extreme, but i've developed a new appreciation of cars. part of me wants to be a mechanic.

doc bought a car. i'm so excited. and B said he'd teach me how to ride the scooter. i'm going to need it because i have a feeling wherever we move to will be in the middle of a suburb, away from corner stores and highways. i'm so tired of living beside the freeway with the loud trucks and noise. we want a proper house. we may stay here another month, just because it took so long to get the car. and we needed the car to go look at houses. plus it's an SUV so it will be able to help us move. yay! things are looking up and i'm beginning to relax about the move.

looking back on the past 12 years, i'm really glad doc and i decided not to have children. we are definitely not the parental type. and to be honest, we're just getting comfortable with each other and ourselves. the heady days are over, the passion has leveled out. we've been together a long time, and i'm glad we're still together. that thought just occurred to me as i sat here watching dawn creep up.

once we get settled, i'm thinking of going off meds for a while to see if i get any better. i'm really sick of being a zombie.

the whole pink slime thing has pushed me to stop eating pre-ground beef. if i have any ground beef, it will be from a butcher, and i'll have to watch them grind it. surprisingly to me, this removes a lot of regular foods from my diet. and felix will never again share a bacon cheeseburger with me. i'd go on a bear like all salmon diet, but all we can get here is farmed salmon and it just isn't the same as wild salmon. maybe we;ll move to a neighborhood with organic and free-range foods. or now that we have a car, we can go to Whole Foods. are they reliable with the organic stuff? does anyone know? i've never been to one.
2013, cyd, new

high near 100 this weekend

i think doc found a groomer for ragdoll. i've had a setback with her. i hadn't seen her for almost two weeks and we lost our connection, nearly. yesterday when i went out to feed her, she was out there waiting for me. at first she ran to the bottom of the stairs and hissed at me. i meowed at her and she meowed back and came halfway up the stairs. once i got her food and water and brought them out, i sat down on the porch and held really still until she came up to eat. but she wouldn't let me pet her, like she used to. i was hoping i could catch her by hand, but i'm thinking now that we're going to need a trap.

we're staying here another month. a house right around the corner from the guys' house just went up for rent and doc is checking it out. i found out yesterday that the truck hasn't been at the mechanic getting fixed, it's been at the guys' house. doc was supposed to take it to the mechanic today, but he went on a date last night and didn't get home until late, so he's sleeping in. to be honest, i'm completely fed up with his fucking procrastination.

today i'm going to pack. time to pack away the nic nacs of the place. anything that isn't needed is going into boxes until i run out of boxes. i'm actually fucking tired of my own procrastination, as well. it's time i took this seriously. i can't wait to move.