April 5th, 2012

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hi there

i need my mornings. a few mornings of doc getting up with me really threw me off. today, M stayed home, which made me twitchy. but the morning was fabulous. i woke up just before dawn and watching BBCamerica with the volume too low to hear. i can chain smoke and drink my coffee and be with the cats in peace. i can't wait to get my own room.

we still are no closer to findig a house and we have to move at the end of this month. i need t pack mre stuff. doc wants to get another storage unit to put the boxes into since there's no room to put them here. first, he has to buy a car.

freddie is more friendly to me. she follows me into the bathroom and ppesters me to pet her. she even jumps up and lays down on my lap when i'm on the couch. she is so damn cute and she purrs so loudly.