March 10th, 2012

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okay, so i've felt better. i've felt a damn sight worse, too. frankly, i'd rather be depressed than psychotic. i'm not hopeless or desperate or anything. i just want to lay down curled up in my blankets. today, after weeks of intestinal distress, i made myself some breakfast. i felt good enough to stay awake and upright all day. NCIS is on now and i'm tempted to go to sleep. doc's not home.

the move is going badly. i don't even want to talk about it. it's going to be painful and chaotic and stressful. i tried to get it off to a good start, but i don't have it in me to move doc along. we're going to stay here an extra month and hopefully the extra time will help things go smoother.

freddie is still a fat, tiny headed kitten ball of evil. i adore her. her response to me has cooled as she has become more doc's cat than mine. she comes to me when she wants pets. felix sleeps with me whenever i'm horizontal on the couch. and leeloo sleeps on the couch with me when i'm vertical.

i've talked to kelli since she got back home. poor thing sounded terrible. one thing you have to beware of here is your sinuses drying out, guaranteeing that they will implode when you return home. so she's in implode stage. i feel so bad for her.

doc and i are both feeling the allergies here. welcome spring. i've never sneezed so much as i have in the last week. neither has doc, i think. they won't last long. and sneezing is fun.