March 3rd, 2012

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catch up

kelli left yesterday. we were so busy all week, i really didn't have time to even open the laptop.

we did all the touristy things. went to the Bellagio and the Cosmopolitan and Caesars. we got lost in Caesars for about an hour. that was fun. we went down to freemont street and walked around. and of course, we went to the big souvenir shop.

one of the days doc and i went down to the justice center for his traffic court. i set off the metal detector and the cops got all freaky and aggro with me. i'm totally not used to being treated that way in an institutional setting.

i finally needed an anti psychotic today and mine won't be here for a week or two so i took some left over seroquel. so i slept the day away.

i've been having vivid dreams about all the stuff we did. so much sensory overload, i need the replay in REM time.