February 21st, 2012

2013, cyd, new

day three

still feeling good. a few auditory hallucinations, but i slept all day, so it really hasn't bothered me. i can't seem to wake up, though. i could easily go back to sleep. i'm hoping a pot of coffee will solve that.

i have butter out softening, so i can make chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.

cat update: ragdoll, my stray, and i have had a setback. she won't come to me anymore. she got spooked one night about a week ago by felix, who has vowed to kill her. now she won't come up to the porch until i go inside. we may have to get a bigger trap. she's a big cat.

freddie is growing, i guess. but her head still seems tiny. her belly continues to grow. she eats whenever she's awake. she's a very clever cat. and can be taught things with relative ease. she still plays hard. getting her toys out of the basket each day. before i get doc up, i gather up all the toys she's gotten out during the night. once we get her a collar with a bell, she is going to drive doc crazy in the mornings. she bounces around the bedroom while he's still sleeping. that will be fun.

felix jumped off the balcony again last night. doc brought him in when he came home from the guy's. felix is going to be bummed in the new house when he has no outside time at all. he will be a full time indoor cat.