February 20th, 2012

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6 days until kelli!

when i woke up at 2, doc was still up. so i went back to couch for another hour and a half so he could go to bed and leave me in peace. when i woke up at three thirty, i was a bit resentful at being awake, but i'm over that now. i can go back to sleep once doc goes to work.

last night he told me i use too much milk in my coffee. he's making me loopy. i think he's just anxious for the move and for kelli to be here for a week to take some of the pressure off of him for a few days. but he's still not helping me look for a house. i found the perfect one and he told me it was too much house. oy.
2013, cyd, new

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i'm feeling a little off, but i'm not hallucinating. nor do i feel schizy in any way. i'm approaching this outage as an experiment to see if i can go a week without flipping my shit.

i have plenty to do. packing. looking for a house. making cookies for a friend. editing "hurt". and i feel motivated to do it. i have hit a brick wall with the website design. i think i have it, but i don't know what i want to leave up and what i want to take down. so that's on hold for now.

i am staying with the "sleep while doc is awake and here" plan. it seems to be working. this whole move is so frustrating already. we've talked about it a little, but finding a house is proving difficult. i found what i thought to be the perfect house only to be told it was too much house. everything else i find is too far away. i can only do so much with what's posted.

but it will work out.