February 19th, 2012

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it's official. i have moved into the living room. i just brought out Spatter, one of my teddy bears. where my bear goes, i follow. so now Spatter is in charge.

i found the most amazing house. but doc fails to see my enthusiasm. it had a loft. i want to live in a loft. sigh. no matter what, i've drawn up my plans for lighting and construction in whatever room i get. i'm going for a . . . some kid of theme. many colors and lots of fabric and string lights. maybe a coat of paint for some of the furniture. i also plan to finally hang my mini parachute. i'll need the boys to build me a support out of chicken wire so it stays open when it's hanging. and i'm going to attach a teddy bear to it. my bedroom. my fantasies.
2013, cyd, new

this time next week, kelli will be here!

i slept all day. seems to be my sunday habit. doc is here all day and i want to avoid him, so i sleep. he's over at the guy's house now. firefly is on and i'm watching it instead of the walking dead. so i'm uncool. kelli will tell me all about it.