February 7th, 2012

2013, cyd, new

6 am

i've been up for two hours and i don't know where they've gone. and i don't care. i need this time on my own in the morning to sort myself out. i sit in the dark, watching Graham Norton and Doctor Who. i chain smoke and try to be quiet because everyone else is asleep.

most of my day dreaming involves a new house and my own room. i want a room big enough for my furniture, a dresser, a futon mattress and a set of shelves. and if it's really big, the 8' table with the computers set up on it. i'll hang all of my white xmas lights on the ceiling so i don't have to bother with a lamp. it will be perfect and it will be clean. felix can lounge on the bed all day. i may even get one of those shelf thingies that goes at the window for cats to nap on.