February 3rd, 2012

2013, cyd, new

where i try to write more than a few lines

freddie continues to get fat while her head stays small. she's funny looking, but she doesn't mind me telling her that. she gets along with jack, the play pounce together. she and leeloo have a tentative truce going and she's still very aggro with felix and tech.

i have to get doc up in an hour. i don't want him invading my sunrise. eh.

i'm doing okay. the hallucinations persist, but not nearly as bad as when i ran out of the zyprexa.

i've been working on my new website. if you have any desire to read my poetry for free, do it now. i'm taking it down and attempting to get the lot of it published. i'm also going to drastically edit my book and try to get it publsihed by a small press. i'm not looking to sell books as much as just get published. i think i'm good enough. in fact, i know i am. if i touch just one person . . .

i may also update my podomatic podcast with the stuff on the website. i just want more exposure. i'll also be doing new designs for my cafepress shops. and taking stuff down that's been up for years. a complete revamp of me.

then, at the end of march we are moving into a house. and i get my own room. no more sleeping on the couch. no more sharing the mess with someone else.