January 29th, 2012

2013, cyd, new

i've been asleep a lot

hi, how is everyone? im doing fine. i think i may have had enough sleep, finally. it ended with me up at 4 this morning, but i don't care. except for the part where i woke M up and the other part when tech woke M up. stupid cat.

been watching a lot of political news and avidly following twitter. forget connecting with other people, i am connected with the world. it's amazing.

i've been working on fabulousdisaster.com. if you have ever wanted to read my poetry free, go check it out before the revision is complete. i'm publishing them. all in one volume. i may buy a printer and try to get it published, but i'm not counting on that. either way, doesn't matter to me.

the hamster died. we have yet to get a new one. freddie sulks about it. she loved playing with that hamster. doc buried it out in the yard. she was called xena. i know, it was a dumb name for a hamster, but she just looked like a xena, she had the sword and bangs and everything. right. i think i'll call the next one "Hamster".