January 20th, 2012

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a few psychotic days lost

my head is killing me and it's almost 4 am. i've given up on a sleep schedule. i sleep some during the day and then get up then i sleep some during the night.doc insists it isn't healthy for me but has been pretty much leaving me alone about it. we've been much more concerned with my mental health. i ran out of zyprexa and quickly lost my marbles.

the good news is, i have my meds again. and i'm home, i didn't go into the hospital, we kept this episode at home. the hallucinations were so real and detailed, i ran into doc a couple of times trying to walk through him.

i even have bags under my eyes, and i never get those.

but i'm feeling better now. good meds. keep me stable. even if they don't totally take away the symptoms, it's better than the symptoms without them.