November 30th, 2011

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last warm day of the week

in haven't slept in a day and a half. aside from half awake cat naps. i keep waking up. and for personal reasons, i can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. in a few days i'll be able to sleep again. and i have three pain reliever pm sitting and waiting for me. doc gave them to me last night. after an evasive conversation about staying awake, he announced i was crazy. he only does that in fun, use the "crazy" word.

jack has started to play with freddie. when he stopped being afraid of her when she first got here, i figured they would be friends. the same thing with leeloo. but with felix, freddie is still just a thing to get my attention away from him. he gets so jealous. today i was petting and loving her and he came along, jumped up in my lap and spread out, but wouldn't let me pet him. he's currently out on the porch, sulking. she's off sleeping somewhere.

freddie learns fast. we have a cat bed that none of the cats use, so we keep the toys in it. one day she was sniffing around it and i started picking up her toys and putting them in there, which she watched me do. an hour later i noticed she was playing with one of the toys i had put in the bed. by just watching me put them away, she figured out where to get them. this is a trick she does daily. she also learned to stand on her hind legs to get treats from watching leeloo and jack. she also learned her name and "no" very quickly. she really is a clever cat. and she's getting so big. still getting fatter, too. saving this little cat was such a blessing in our lives, it's been so rewarding. i see a long and happy future with her. and she is definitely doc's cat. she tolerates being on his lap longer than mine, she jumps up to see him. such a gorgeous creature. i love her.