November 14th, 2011

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another chilly morning

the sun is coming up on a clear, bright day. everything is gleaming already, waiting for the heat.

i was up around five thirty. an hour later and i don't know if i'm staying up or not. i can lay back down and sleep for three more hours before coffee making time.

i can't remember what i did yesterday. oof. oh, nothing. it was sunday, i hung out with doc. today i have to do stuff, chores. vacuuming of ceilings and such. what joy. i've put off the ironing as long as i can. that will have to be done today.

doc can't wait to get out of the house on weekeneds but he does spend some time with me. it's hard to get him to engage in conversation, but his going over to the guy's house has given me something to talk to him about. something that isn't us, or money or tv. politics, history, and current events. those are the safe places to talk.
2013, cyd, new

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i've felt good the past few days. has it been a week? i learned a valuable lesson about brain chemistry. i don't care how bored i get, i never want to get that hopeless again.

but i don't feel that way now. i wouldn't call myself the picture of hope and joy, but i can see getting through the day, and that's something.