October 19th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

in the low 80s

i was woken up by the inspectors at 9 something. disoriented, i answered the door and then told them to hold on while we put all the smoking stuff away. the inspection took less than three minutes. seems like a waste. but whatever, i'm not paying them.

doc is staying home half the day. he had a rough morning. freddie woke him up by falling off the bed and unplugging the fan and the clock. then she wanted to play. i've been calling her fast freddie because she appears and disappears so quickly. she only holds still for pets and play.

felix is over his jealousy and has been really clingy the past couple of days, always wanting to be in my lap.

doc called me a liar again today. every day he calls me a liar. i'm really getting sick of it.