October 5th, 2011

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has the weather really changed?

it was cold last night. had to shut the window type cold. but i sat here all night in shorts and a wife beater getting cold, and apparently catching a cold.

we've changed tactics with fred and the other cats. when she attacked, we put her in her kennel until she calmed down, but that didn't seem to be working. so now we're using the universal punishment, the spray bottle of water doom. this seems to be working. we just need her calm enough to let the other cats eat and drink and feel comfortable in the living room, which is where fred spends most of her time.

having been given some very good advice by seaivy, i'm going to wait to let fred's hormones chill out before i get really concerned about the behavior. and i do believe she'll mellow out. as she moves back into kitten mode, she'll lose some of the bravado and spite. right now, she's just evil. but only to the cats. to doc and i she is more than affectionate, seeming to need our attention to survive. and goddess help the cat who gets near doc when fred is in his lap. she will freak the fuck out. she's got spunk, i'll say that. nothing shy and retiring about this little firebrand.

did i mention in the post vet update that she's only 9 months old? i fear for my xmas tree this year. i hope she doesn't learn to climb.