October 2nd, 2011

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middle of the night

i just woke up at 4, on the couch. i took my night meds and now am debating going to bed or just staying out here. now doc's alarm is going off. i guess i'll stay out here until he leaves, if he's leaving. he said something about going over to the boy's house early this morning. something about going to the swap meet with them.

fred is fine. still on the bathroom rug. responsive but not affectionate. that will come back as her pain grows less. i feel so sorry for her. she's had a very confusing and painful week. hopefully this time next week, she'll be running around terrorizing the other cats.
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i can't calm down today. i woke up on the couch at 4 and again at noon. at noon i went in to bed and got up about an hour and a half later, totally freaking out. i gave fred her pain meds and antibiotic, much to her dismay. then i came out here and cleaned the kitchen in preparation of making coffee. i noticed we didn't have enough sugar or milk for coffee and called doc to get them on his way home. i took my meds and gave it a few minutes, then went on a marathon walk to the corner store. i was walking so fast i was weaving on the sidewalk, shaking. i got my soda and came home, still no doc. so now i'm just watching Kitchen Nightmares. i'd go in and hang out with fred, but i don't want my mood affecting her. i don't want to make her nervous.

the best thing that happened this morning was felix in bed. when i curled up, he curled up with me and let me put my arm around him, teddy bear style. he didn't get up until i did. he's really bent out of shape over this fred thing. he's the baby. he's my baby, there is no room in his mind for another. so it's best that fred is bonding with doc more than me. felix is all the fierce love i need. i love fred, but felix is my favorite and that isn't going to change with the appearance of a cute black little kitten.

i wonder if once she is no longer ruled by hormones, if she'll get some of her kitten-ness back. or if she'll just be a mature little thing. i hope she gets her kittendom back. she deserves to live a carefree life. now that she has a forever home full of people that will love her and cats that will eventually tolerate her.

i'm surprised by the other cats. they haven't hissed at all. it's been fred who's been aggro all over them. that will chill out.

and speaking of, she's now in my lap. time to go.
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the story of fred

a couple of months ago, doc and i were about to leave when i looked over at the bushes and saw felix, my cat that jumps off the 2nd floor balcony to go play at night, and what looked like jack, doc's cat. i asked him if he knew what they were doing out and went to go investigate. as i caught felix, i noticed the other cat, a black one just like jack but tiny. it even had the same big nose as jack, who was born feral here in the apartment complex.

we immediately drew a genetic comparison between jack and this mystery kitten. doc said he wanted to catch it and try to adopt it, or at least get its shots and fixed before setting it free. so we started putting out food, and bought a humane trap. we started putting the food into the trap, but before the trigger, to get the black kitten used to the trap. around this time we named it fred. we figured it was good for a girl or boy. i liked "sue", but only if it was a boy.

we baited the trap a couple of times, but never caught a cat. fred learned to pull the can of food out of the trap to eat it. we seemed defeated.

then, this monday morning past, doc woke me up early to tell me we'd caught a cat. we went out to get it and it was fred. we transferred her to a kennel and eventually the bathroom. we found out through a cursory exam that she was female and very pregnant and very young. she was also very friendly toward doc and i, though not the other cats. so she was abandoned, she had known human love. she vocalized to doc's voice and snuggled on his tummy.

we took her to the vet and had her tested for all the yucky stuff that the vet could think of. then we scheduled the hard part, the spay and euthanasia of the fetal kittens. it was an ugly decision, but it had to be made. we would never find good homes for the kittens in the apartment complex world we live surrounded by.

the spay is done now. the vet made me feel better about it the day we brought her in to have the procedure done. now fred is resting comfortably in a cat bed next to me on the couch, watching me raptly as i type out the story of her. so much human stuff is new to her. the sound of the vacuum, the noise the coffee maker makes.

i know not everyone can take in a stray cat like we did, but it is important to support your local shelters and have your pets spayed or neutered as early as you can, so if something should go wrong and the pet runs away or you have to leave it behind, it doesn't become an early progenitor. a spay could have saved fred her kittenhood.

and that is the story of fred the cat. who now has a forever home.