September 15th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

87 and dry

i feel better today. yesterday i was still sore over the fight doc and i had the day before. but today i'm over it. as long as i eat, he'll get off my back. if i start to gain weight, i'm going back on ephedrine. not all the time, but as a supplement. i don't want to get fat again. that is my biggest fear. i am gaining some self esteem.

i keep blacking out today. i had a piece of pizza, so it's not hunger, my blood pressure just seems low today. i wonder if it's the risperdone. i ran out of prolixin, so i'm subbing one anti psychotic for another until i can get more. maybe it's the med. this is the first 24 hours i've been back on it. mystery solved.

doc wrecked my scooter. i don't know how bad, i don't know if it is ridable. i do know that he's okay, but for a hurt knee. that's what's important. he called me to tell me. it happened in the parking lot at his office. he didn't say it wasn't non functioning, but he did say the front is smashed in. so i don't know if the headlight works. i guess i'll know tonight when he gets home. or when he gets off work and calls to inform me that he's taking the buses home. and he was looking at getting it insured. it won't be that expensive to fix, i hope.

later . . .

the scooter is all fucked up. doc handed me one of the mirrors. so he bought another bike. saved money over the last one and he got a free helmet. and the new one is blue. he came home and patched himself up. he had some road rash. he's taking it over to the boy's house so they all can fix it. we have no place to store it here or work on it. so i got a new scooter without ever learning to ride the old one. this one i'm learning how to ride. and i'm going to use it.