September 1st, 2011

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cooling down now

we actually have the window open, so it's somewhere under 85 right now. it feels great, it felt great to sit outside today and smoke with the all around lower triple digits. i can't wait for fall. it's been a nice summer, not too hot.

my tooth didn't feel any better today, but no pus came out, so i'm thinking that it's getting better. if it doesn't feel better by friday, i'll go back down there and get him to look at it. i am in touch with him, so he knows what's going on.
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could summer be over?

i know it's too soon to be true, but it feels like fall today. yes, the weather channel is saying 104 today. not yet.

i'm waiting for coffee to brew, it seems to be taking forever. why so long? i don't feel right without it. little bit of canned coffee and a little bit of fresh ground hazelnut, how could i feel right without it?

S picked me up at the dentist the other day and doc said he was shocked at my appearance. he hasn't seen me since i was fat, had long hair and teeth. it's time to get my teeth fixed, i don't want to look like this any more. i don't mind the short hair. if doc makes fun of it much more i'm shaving it off. but i like my unruly curls.
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i want to go for a walk and go get a soda, but i can't open the door to go out. i freak out every time i try. i took tech out earlier and freaked out then, too. i had to pick him up and bring him back in. i thought taking a xanax would help, but it isn't. i've had no problem leaving for a while now, why is this happening to me now?