August 30th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

112 today, eep.

my dentist called today to see how i was doing. i told her that i had drained some pus from it last night and she called in a script for a stronger antibiotic. hopefully it will knock out the cat bite infection as well.

i always knew i'd grow up to be a crazy cat lady, and damned if i'm not. i realized all i talk about is the cats and have no human interaction. i have to do something about this. i don't want to be the crazy cat lady. even if i do take my roommate's cat for walks in the afternoons. and even if i do love my felix unconditionally and obsessively. even if i am crazy and relate to the cats better than humans. and even if i do move the laptop mid-post so he can lay in my lap and clean himself.

i need people.