August 26th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

my arm is killing me

i got attacked by tech today. he got me bad. the puncture wounds are all swollen and it hurts to move my fingers. in fact typing with one hand is slow and harder than i thought it would be. in tech's defense, he thought i was hurting leeloo at the time. i've never bled that much in my life. i did manage to wet vac the blood out of the carpet.

meanwhile, i'm sick with guilt over the thing i did wrong. literally sick. my stomach hurts and i can't stop thinking about it and how much i regret it.

i've been trying to network my windows 7 laptop with my XP machine and using all the directions found on the net and it's not working. i've got to get the data off the computer and the USB ports are dead, so i can't burn any of it. my only solution is to find a way to network the two together. doc will be able to figure it out. he's smart like that with computers. i'm just not anymore.