August 23rd, 2011

2013, cyd, new

110 degrees this late

it's hotter than normal. the averages should be in the 100s. nothing like an indian summer. the dog days are here.

i talked to kelli today. i miss her so much. it's hard to have a best friend across the country.

i love my new laptop. i'm still getting used to the touchpad. but it's so fast and so new it still has the plastic protective sheeting on it. which you would think would obscure the webcam, but it doesn't.

doc and i continue to live in peace. he's found a hobby and been hanging out with his friends. he's barely around anymore. it makes it easier to avoid his ire when he's not around. he's also enjoying his kindle. he takes it over to S's house to sync up.

the viibryd i'm on is really helping. only problem is that my prescription coverage doesn't cover it yet, it's too new. and when they do cover it i know it will be really expensive. like the invega was. the only anti psychotic that really worked for me with few side effects but it was prohibitive in price.