August 14th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

103, still humid

i don't know what i'm going to do with myself once i have email that takes less than five minutes to load. or to be able to read twitter and follow the links without slamming down the whole internet browser. or surf youtube, finally. i can see the videos that people are talking about. i can't wait.

the rain of yesterday has completely disappeared. nothing but blue skies. and heat. if it wasn't so humid, it would be another perfect day, but after the rain yesterday, i'm willing to deal with some humidity.

we're watching an elvis costello concert on demand. i love elvis costello.

felix and i slept in until noon. he was all curled up with me with my arm around him when i woke up. he was purring so loud, i almost died from the cuteness. i had to keep retrieving him last night. every time the door opened, he shot out. then one time i went out to smoke and he was out there on the porch meowing at me. he jumped down from the balcony. silly kitty.

tech's been on my lap on and off since i got up. he misses M, plus he's sucking up to me so i'll take him out to the lawn to eat grass and wander around. he's a very focused cat. he knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

today i finish reading the instruction manual for my video cam. when the laptop gets here, i want to be ready to start using it. i've already made a film of the scooter. and i''m going to make a film of tech playing in the grass. and i want to get them up on my youtube channel.

this fuse channel we found on demand is fabulous. full of Later with Jools Holland and acts like robert plant and allison kraus and morissey and all sorts of cool bands they totally ignore here in the states. it's a nice way to spend a sunday.