August 11th, 2011

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today is such a better day. i can't believe how different i feel.

my only issue is half my jaw is swollen from an abscesed tooth. i go in for a root canal on saturday. finally, i've been putting it off because the tooth didn't hurt. now that it does, it does with a vengeance.
2013, cyd, new

98 right now

today is doc's birthday. i wish his kindle had come today, but it will be here by the 16th. i'm so excited i found something he wanted that he wouldn't buy for himself and was able to save enough money for it. and i paid rent this month. he beat me by buying my christmas present early and getting me a laptop, which is on its way. i can't wait to get that and play with it. then maybe i'll go up to the pool with the laptop and take advantage of the free wifi.

M is home. he brought groceries home with him, so i guess he's staying home for a while. tech will be relieved. and maybe stop torturing leeloo for a few days.