August 5th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

105, 5% humidity

back to normal with the weather. dry and hot, the way i like it.

i have to research laptops today and hopefully find something i want. we're looking at acer. it's a day on for me. this laptop is good for checking twitter (though i can't follow any links) and facebook, posting in here, and checking my email. that's all i can do on this. most frustrating. i asked doc if i could have a new one and he's been looking for something to replace the main computer. a new and powerful laptop would do the trick.

felix and i had proper cuddle time today. he woke me up at 6, standing on my tits and sniffing at my eyes. he lay down and i rolled over to curl up with him. a couple hours later, after i went to the bathroom, we cuddled up so close and then he lay across my chest and purred really loudly for about 15 minutes. he is so my baby cat.

doc got cat treats last night. in fact, he got a ton of them. so i've been bribing the cats to love me all morning. heh heh heh. it works. even jack lets me pet him when i'm giving out treats. and they eat them out of my hand, i make them do that. something cute to earn the treat.

time to go research laptops. have a great day.