July 29th, 2011

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i haven't been able to post for three days. i nearly died from keeping everything inside. and now it seems i've got nothing to say. let's see.

i was freaking out yesterday and doc stayed home with me and didn't fight with me or any thing.

i think M is going to move out soon. he took tech over to his girlfriend's place for a few days. i miss tech, i have no one to take for walks outside. but then, i have no one howling at me first thing in the morning for milk. the last time he did this with tech was before he moved in here. tech moved in first. on the one hand i'll be sad if M leaves, on the other hand, it would give doc and i our own bedrooms. that would be dreamy. and we can afford to lose the income. barely, but we can do it. and i'll have two less cats to clean up after. i guess we'll see what happens.
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106 and dry

i killed my succulent. i may have watered it too much. i just don't know. i can't seem to keep a plant alive.

felix stayed in for the last two nights. this morning's cuddle was epic. he curled up in the crook of my arm and used my shoulder as a pillow. for an hour, we both held still for this. we woke up at about the same time and he meowed at me. massive cute.

doc is getting me fresh bagels. none of that bagged crap, real, fresh bagels. how will i not eat them all at once? garlic bagels. yum. i wonder if felix likes bagels. he likes fried rice and macaroni and cheese. he's open to new foods. doc, of course, is a hero for this.

my world revolves around this cat and his love for me. when i go out to smoke, he cries at the door for me. when i used to take tech out, felix would hang over the balcony where he could see me and cry for me. and he comes to me in the morning and curls up with me like i'm the only thing that matters. and in return i clean up after him, feed him, give him catnip and treats. and love him as much as i possibly can. he fills the hole in me left by lack of socialization and general isolation.

i'm so glad sharon angle didn't win the election here over harry reid. i don't have to tweet him and tell him he makes me sad. he's at least trying to do something with the mess in congress.

doc is home with the bagels. i put them in a plastic bag immediately. they felt so fresh and squishy and why have i denied myself this joy for this long? doc is making his bagel first. i may not even put any butter on mine. i may just toast and eat it. hell, i may not even toast it.
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one large baking potato, shredded and wrung out of all liquid
2 eggs, beaten and seasoned
2 chopped scallions
mix all ingredients so potato is covered with egg
fry in buttered or non stick pan, flipping once

i don't know what they're called, i call them potato pancakes and they're delicious. i made them tonight. preemted a bagel for it. i'll have a bagel tomorrow morning for breakfast. the whole apartment smells of them. it's marvelous.