July 19th, 2011

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i now have a checking account in my name! i still can't have my own debit card, but i can use the one from my account. doc said. so i can now verify my paypal account and sell off these damn happy meal toys.

doc and i had a talk and i don't hate him right now.

felix spent the night out and i had to go find him this morning. i looked all over for him and couldn't find him so i came home. and i took my shoes off and sat down on the couch and heard him meowing on the porch. he had followed me home. he went straight for the water, so i thinki need to leave water out on the porch during the day for the strays.

i didn't even have to go to the bank today, they didn't need my signature on anything. i guess they have it on the copy of my ID. i can't believe i finally have an account. i have a savings account too. i'm going to stash money in it for a rainy day. and i'll have the debit card in time to get doc a kindle for his birthday.

felix is insisting on sitting in my lap, enough laptop, he's making a mess of this entry.