July 16th, 2011

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i didn't take my sleeper last night so i could get up early and go to the bank and get an account. meanwhile, doc fell asleep at S's house and then fell asleep on the couch here. so i'm up and he's asleep. i could be lounging in bed with felix. but i'm up and watching news. i watched a special on zombies earlier. it was good. it was dealing with the reality of zombies, getting into voodoo, mass hypnosis and man made virals.

felix stayed home last night. he stayed with me, sleeping in his high spot where he can keep an eye on me and get pets whenever i walk by. actually whenever anyone walks by. doc pretends not to like him, but i know he does. he just doesn't like that felix only likes me. but i'm the one that bonded with him when he was in the bathroom hiding. i went in all the time and sat down and pet him and talked to him and made him feel safe. doc helped feed him and talked to him a little bit, but resented him from the beginning. i don't care how he feels about felix. felix is my babycakes, the kind of cat i always wanted. one that curls up on my lap and lays next to me on the couch and wakes me up in the morning. this morning, once the alarm went off, felix would not shut up. he meowed at me until i got up.