July 6th, 2011

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i feel like i'm in florida

i don't remember the humidity being this bad in a long time. 55%. in the desert. not right. it's only 83 degrees, but it feels brutal. and i think our a/c is on the blink. it's been running for 45 minutes now and it's hotter in here than it is outside. but it's all cloudy outside and you can smell the moisture in the air and i just know a thunderstorm will rumble through here some time today.

my hair has gone crazy with the humidity. the curl is unstoppable. it's just sticking up and curling and being all einstein. i've given up trying to tame it. opting instead to wet it down, ruffle it, and leave it alone to do it's thing. when i get tired of it, i'll shave it off.

i went to bed at twelve thirty last night, an hour or so early. so i've been awake since 7 this morning. felix was laying with me and we played our game of rolling around and switching places. he kept meowing and waking doc up. then there was the time he was batting doc in the crotch with his tail. that woke doc up too. rather cross. i love that cat. he's starting to be crazy like me. he doesn't seem to like people and he keeps close to my side. he's very needy because i spoil him rotten. weekly cheeseburgers, monthly cheesesteaks, mac and cheese, pizza, these are all things he can has. and he's made friends with the only cat in the complex that would happily kill him if they didn't get along. instead of rolling around hissing and growling and clawing at each other, they chase each other through the bushes and across the lawn and on the stairs. playing, i can only imagine, kitty commando.
2013, cyd, new


i took the vent out of the window and it cooled right down in here and wiped the humidity out, inside at least.

i think i have food poisoning or the stomach flu. it has been a fun filled day in the bathroom. i even asked doc to go get me some lemon lime soda to make my tummy feel better. which it is. and i think the rest of me is empty. i'm keeping down the lemon cookie i ate and the flat soda. i have to get myself to a point where i can make and eat some tuna and get some protein. doc told me to eat something substantial.