July 5th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

temp, 105; humidity, 34% - ugh

monsoon season has begun here with a wet bang. a thunderstorm that lasted an hour the first night and now it's partly sunny with high humidity. last night you could see the air in the headlights. i think that's technically fog.

the cops were outside for a few hours yesterday evening. they were looking for a guy who wasn't home. they took lots of pictures of a car and then towed the car away. i got filled in by the local mexican neighborhood watch. they've been looking out for me. they know i'm alone at night and keep an eye out. that made me feel good. it also made me like mexicans more. i like my downstairs neighbor. he's a chef and one day while i was out playing with tech, he stood and watched tech play in the grass like he loved cats. i fell in like with him immediately.

i had sparklers to light off and they were dollar store sparklers, so they were kind of lame. but there were three packages of five. the first one i burned one and two at a time. the second and third package, i lit all five at once. that was cool. doc was supposed to come out with me, but begged off at the last minute. typical. i got to see lots of fireworks over the freeway and sat outside for a while watching them. then i came inside and we watched the boston pops special with the fireworks at the end. they were magnificent.

i'm watching msnbc at the waiting for the kasey anthony verdict to come down. i didn't care much about the case, but i care about the verdict. i don't know why, i don't know why this case is any more important than any other murder mystery case out there. it's all nancy grace's fault. she's evil.

there's another chance at storms today, actually all week long. i live for storms.
2013, cyd, new

storms maybe tonight

i have one candle, with about ten minute's worth of wax left. just in case the power goes out.

last night was not felix's first july fourth. near as i can tell, it was his third. but he freaked right out last night. i had to keep picking him up and holding and soothing him. he was hyperventilating and running around meowing and attacking anything that moved. and the fireworks went on for two hours last night.

to celebrate our independence, we make it sound like we're at war for a couple hours. but the colors were pretty.