May 29th, 2011

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70s in may! this month rocks

my head is going to pop. not explode in messiness, just pop, like it's full of helium. it's not a bad feeling. considering the constant consternation of the last two days. make that constant contentious consternation.

i cannot overemphasize how beautiful a day it is right now. light fluffy clouds and low temps. just the slightest breeze, neither warm nor cool. i hope tech wants to go out a lot today. i don't have soda money and kept forgetting to get pocket money from doc. so a walk up to the corner store is out. i could go out and sit on the scooter and trying to get used to the feel of it. or i may just go out on the porch and read my new to me anne rice book.

i bought an outfit yesterday that makes me look as thin as i want to look. my self esteem is through the roof. i just look better with clothes on, but i look good. and since i don't get naked in front of people, things are working out for the best. i think i'll go look in the mirror now. hee.
2013, cyd, new

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i've been reading anne rice all day. "blackwood farm". there are a few of her books about the vampires that i haven't read, i'll need to find those. i used to have a used book store i went to and got most of the vampire chronicles in paperback. though those are packed away now. i know it's cheesy, but i love her writing, even though it can be repetitive and over eloquent. i love her storytelling. doc teased me and asked me if i wanted the twilight books. i told him i didn't read about supernatural things written by mormons. he just laughed.

it feels good to have read something all day. it's been a long time since i just sat and read and got lost in the book. time to get lost again. have a great memorial day.