May 23rd, 2011

doesn't comprehend

sunny windy warm

it's going to get into the mid 90s this week. then cool right back down. weird month, but i'll take it. mostly below average temps. if we just had a bit more rain.

felix stayed in last night. didn't spend any time with me, but at least he didn't go out. he's got scratches and nicks everywhere from scrapping with feral cat. we've got to get this cat trapped and checked for disease. i can't stop felix going out unless we bring another litter box into the apartment, and there is literally no room for it.

doc woke me up cleaning today. i don't know what got into him. i think part of it was that i didn't vacuum last night because M was asleep from the time doc left until i went to bed. he didn't show he was mad though, just madly cleaning and dusting. whatever. i'll do the chores today while he sleeps and when he wakes up everyone can be happy. no worries about M, he's out for the day.

more tornadoes. so sad, the damage, the death. the midwest is suffering. it sucks. how is all this stuff going to be rebuilt? the floods, the tornadoes, soon the hurricanes. so much destruction in such a wide swath of the US.

doc has sprung it on me that i have to get to the doctor on my own this thursday. i really hate him for this. all he has to do is take me on the scooter, wait 15 minutes and take me home on the scooter. an hour out of his life. or five hours out of mine for a ten minute appointment. his alternative is for me to take the scooter, which he hasn't taught me how to drive yet. he is so unreasonable. i really dislike him at times like this.