May 11th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

sunny, still cool

i didn't want to leave my dreams this morning. they were all in the crazy house i described the other day. it changes inside all the time, every dream it's different. i was cooking in a grand big kitchen, all light and airy. then i was laying on this posh rug listening to music and playing with the cats. yes, my cats are in my dreams. outside is always a Sims style landscaping with lots of flowers to go with the fir trees and little hills and boulders. with lots of lush lawn.

M is going to take me to the DMV today to get my ID renewed. i put my dental appliance in so i have front teeth. i can't talk, but i remember from the last time that i really don't need to. then i can get my bank account. then i can verify my paypal account, finally.

i want to get doc a kindle for his birthday in august. any reviews? i've read a bunch online, just wanted to get your thoughts, if any.
2013, cyd, new

yay! outing!

M dropped me off at the DMV and i went in and got my ticket and sat down to wait. it was only about an hour. i was proud of myself because i asked two people for pens. i registered to vote, before they change the laws and make it difficult. i'm an organ donor, though i don't know if my medication riddled organs qualify, it can't hurt to try. i got my picture taken while trying to focus on a fuzzy dog picture without my glasses. in a week i should have my new ID in the mail. in the mean time, i have a form to carry around with my old ID so i can still use it. it won't expire until the new one gets here, but it's good to be covered.

then we went to the pet store and got a new member of our family. her name is xena, she is grey and white with a gnarled ear. she's bitey, but she loves pets if you can get her to hold still. she loves her wheel. and she likes the puppy food i gave her. she's little right now, but she should get pretty big. especially the way we feed our hamsters. keep them fat and happy. i'll give her some carrot and lettuce tonight and see how she feels about them and maybe a cheese cracker with all the salt rubbed off. she is a russian hamster. no dwarf this time. i want a big hamster.

then we went to Roberto's and i got taquitos with guacamole and cheese with a soda. while we were waiting for our food i went down to the smoke shop and stocked up on incense. i got some patchouli, which smells nothing like it, but smells damn nice, and some nag champa and another staple i forget the name of. but it's like a super nag champa and fabulous for prayer, which i need to do more often.

then we came home and i ate, drank some coffee, and cleaned out xena's cage for her before i put her in. i still haven't done any cleaning of the kitchen and i now need to vacuum, as there are pine chips all over the floor now. i tried to be careful, but some got away from me.