April 21st, 2011

2013, cyd, new

windy, in the high 70s

i walked up to the store again. it was a nice walk. i made myself cheesy eggs first and had a good breakfast. we didn't have enough milk for coffee today so this soda is the first caffeine i've had all day. the clerk didn't call me sir today and no one yelled out their car at me. all in all, a good time.
2013, cyd, new

bored now

doc stayed up until four so he won't be awake until midnight. i'm so bored. i could clean the kitchen and scoop the litter box but i don't have the energy to do these things. making eggs was a big deal today. walking up to the store was a big deal, i slept after that. maybe i should be asleep now.

i talked to kelli today. i can't wait until she comes to visit. she told me about this certain spot i can walk to where i can see the valley below-ish, and at a certain time of dusk, everything is dark blue and it seems like you're underwater. i was asleep during sunset today, maybe i'll go up tomorrow.

someone needs to stick a hairbrush in donald trump's mouth. soon.