April 20th, 2011

2013, cyd, new

windy and dusty

i'm in a foul mood today. i woke up grumpy and just got more so. i got up at nine hoping to hang out with doc for a while and he's still up. i could have slept longer. but i didn't, and i'm up and i may as well make the best of it.
2013, cyd, new

sunset, cooler, just as windy

i'm alone. i can't be in a space ship because there are always people around on a space ship. i must be in the compound, left unguarded. outside the freeway is the hostile zone. i have all i need inside my apartment. i have all my freedoms inside my apartment. i like to be in here.

my mood got better as my coffee intake increased and my meds kicked in. i didn't take them until late because i hate to eat first thing in the morning and i have to eat with my meds, according to doc.

my pinky ring fell off today and i lost it for about ten minutes. when i finally found it, i put it on my ring finger so i don't lose it for real. somewhere in my bed is a ring with a lizard on it that fell off in my sleep when i first lost weight and discovered i could wear my jewelry again.

i let it get up to 90 in here today. i didn't feel like taking the cursed board and fan out of the sliding glass door and smoke hunched next to the fireplace, so i left the air off. it actually wasn't that uncomfortable in here. we have fans, so the air circulates and it doesn't seem so hot.

they're banning dog ownership in iran. one of the reasons they list is that it is a western affectation. i always thought dog ownership was universal. except for not dog people. but still, i thought it was a world wide thing. i'm glad i live here.
2013, cyd, new

later . . .

to fight the compound, i went out. i went up to the corner store and got a soda and a donut. there were sirens the whole time i was out and someone yelled something out of their car window at me. but the sunset was fabulous.